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Basement Painting

A few whites, some earthy tones, and bolds like blacks and reds can spruce up any basement. If you are considering basement painting in Scarborough, Ontario, let our team make your project easy. We know the downsides of basements. They are often damp, with hardly any sunlight, and have low ceilings. At Painters Scarborough, we have great ideas about ways to transform basements into bright and inviting spaces. More importantly, we have experience in such jobs. Don’t you want the best basement painters in Scarborough for your job?

How to get started with a Scarborough basement painting job

Basement Painting Scarborough

Tell us if you plan basement painting. Scarborough contractors are dispatched as soon as it’s convenient for you to check your basement and talk with you. The first goal is to discover your needs and all things related to the project, to answer questions, to offer a free consultation and estimate, and talk details with you. If you decide to give the job to us, we can send a basement painter to get started as soon as it is okay with you. That’s more or less how things are done.

Complete basement painting service

Let’s talk about the basement painting service now. All parts of the basement can be painted – the walls, the ceiling, the columns, the floor, the door, and the stair. Is there a kitchen in the basement and you want the kitchen cabinets painted too? Are there various trims and you want them painted as well? No problem. In our company, we have experience with all materials – from drywall and concrete to metal and wood. All surfaces are properly prepped, primed, and painted – always with respect to their material.

Since most basements are humid, the painters are very thorough when they prep the surfaces. They make sure all walls are dry before they prime and paint. And they use paints suitable for humid rooms, like the basement. To make the basement bright and friendly, we recommend colors and color combinations from the start, and discuss all possible painting options with you. Basements can be very interesting rooms when the paint colors are right and the color combinations match.

Expert basement painters available for free estimates

Book your basement color consultation to also get a free estimate and know where you stand. It takes a message or a call to our company. Let’s talk about what color will be best for your basement walls and columns, if there’s moisture, and what flaws must be fixed. Before you know it, you will know all the details of the service and if you wish, the basement will be painted to your complete satisfaction. Is your basement finished and you want to refresh its walls and the ceiling? Are you finishing it now and want expert pros for the painting job? We are the team to contact for the Scarborough basement painting service. Drop us a message.