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Do you want to change the color of your doors? Do you intend to breathe new life into old doors by painting them? If you are considering door painting in Scarborough, Ontario, our team is at your service.

At Painters Scarborough, we have huge experience in these projects. Plus, we have experience with all materials. Whether we are talking about composite, vinyl, or wood doors, they are painted in a proper manner. If you are looking for experts to paint house doors in Scarborough, don’t think about it. Contact us to get a free estimate & consultation. Take a minute now to see how we can be useful to you.

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Door Painting Scarborough

Assuming it’s time for door painting, Scarborough homeowners may turn to our team. Let us make a tiny pause here to say that if you want commercial or office doors painted, we are still the company to contact. After all, we are available for commercial painting services too.

With that said, let us now focus on door painting services. You can trust our team with interior and exterior door painting in Scarborough. All types of doors can be painted, in spite of their material. The difference is that the outer part of exterior doors is painted with products that ensure resistance to all elements and thus, longevity.

For argument’s sake, let’s assume that you need to book a front door painting service. The outer door side can be painted a different color from that of the inner door side. Or, let’s say that you seek a pro to paint interior doors. The rule of thumb is to paint all interior doors the same color. But if you want the bathroom or basement door to stand out, you can use a unique color.

Interior and exterior door painting services

One of the first things we do is to provide an estimate for the service and color consultation. Once you decide to bring your business to our team, we talk further about the finishing coatings, the colors, the process, and everything involved in the project. Feel free to contact our team whether you want all or some house doors painted. Do you just want the front door painted to make it strong enough to continue withstanding the elements? No problem. In all cases, the process is the same: you contact us, make an appointment, get a free estimate and consultation, and have the job done. Interested?

Painting doors is more difficult than it sounds. Isn’t it wise to entrust the job to the best in Scarborough painters? Whether this is a flush slab, a raised panel design, or a door with glass elements, the painters start and complete the job to perfection. They prep and paint as required – always based on the door’s material and whether this is an exterior or interior door – to ensure longevity, beauty, and resistance. If you want to assign the Scarborough door painting to skilled experts, turn to us.