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Residential Painting

Whether this is a condo or private house, this is your home and chances are high you want the best residential painting in Scarborough, Ontario. You will be pleased to know that you don’t have to search anymore. Not only does our company cover all house painting requests but also does so to your absolute satisfaction – at all levels, cost, quality, timeframe, excellence. But don’t let us keep you. Let’s dive deeper into all the things Painters Scarborough can do for your home.

Best team for residential painting in Scarborough

Residential Painting Scarborough

Assigning your job to a company experienced in residential painting Scarborough’s top contractor is essential. Yes, it has to do with the results, the impact of the painting job, the longevity of the coatings – everything related to the aesthetics. But relying on a pro company goes beyond that. It also has to do with the quality of both the work and the paints – things that may affect your health, maintenance, peace of mind. And do you know what? While we set the highest standards as far as the aesthetic part is concerned, it is function and good health that are found at the top of our priority list. And you know what else? To trust such devoted home painters Scarborough residents have only one thing to do. Call us.

Interior painting services to meet all needs

To spruce up the interior and freshen up your rooms, we are at your disposal for a series of residential painting services in Scarborough. The service goes beyond refreshing walls, finishing kitchen cabinets, adding color to the doors. It may involve all of that and many more tasks, or just one job – kitchen cabinet painting, for example. What’s important is that you get expert guidance and consultation about the textures, the finish choices, the colors and also painters that prep all surfaces to perfection. To give you an idea of what an interior residential painting might involve:

  •          Color consultation
  •          Drywall repair & prep
  •          Cabinet painting
  •          Wallpaper removal/install
  •          Feature stone wall install
  •          Popcorn ceiling removal & finish

Exterior painting with long-lasting effects

Are you in search of a residential painting contractor for your exterior? Why worry? We are ready to serve such requests as well. And may we also add that the exterior painting involves more than just the walls and siding. It also involves fixing and refinishing decks, painting the fence, caulking the windows and doors, changing the color of the door – the works.

Once more, the things that define our work as a residential painting company is quality, excellence, attention to all details. Since exterior surfaces suffer extremely much, they are prepped with the utmost attention and care, and the primes and paints are suitable to withstand the outdoor conditions.

Want to see your home transformed, without worrying about the paints, the results, the cost, the timeframe? Turn to us. Let us prove to you why we are the number one in Scarborough residential painting company.